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Although the night is gone, the grand scene is always here-on the 2016 annual meeting of Shanghai Huatai Computer Consumables Co., Ltd.

Jan 23.2016

The hard work of 2015 has finally come to an end, and the veil of 2016 has gradually spread. On this occasion, our company held the 2016 annual meeting on January 23, 2016. This is not only a reward for everyone to stick to their posts for one year, but also the Huatai computer family’s contribution to the future in this day of resigning from the old and welcoming the new. Expectations and prospects.


After the host’s opening remarks, everyone in the audience greeted Mr. Ding’s speech with warm applause—"Hua Tai is an inseparable big family. In the past year, new partners have arrived, and past comrades in arms have also arrived. Never leave. We have reason to believe that we will move forward with such a spirited attitude to meet the new challenges that may come every day!"


After the speech, the 2016 annual meeting of Shanghai Huatai Computer Consumables Co., Ltd. officially started.

The annual meeting was carried out by interspersed with programs, lotteries and interactive games. All company members present participated in the meeting, and the atmosphere in the venue was very warm.


The picture shows the host and the children performing dance "The King Sent Me to Tour the Mountains"


A variety of game interactive sessions, with a lively atmosphere


Mr. Cheng presents a prize to one of the employees who won the special award-European Tour

More than 100 employees from Shanghai Huatai Computer Consumables Co., Ltd. participated in this annual meeting. The annual meeting came to an end in the laughter. Although this night is finally coming to an end, the journey belonging to Huatai Computer is far from over; we believe in the pride and perseverance of Huatai people, and we believe in our efforts, as the years go by, Will not be annihilated.

Although the night is passing, but the grand scene is always there, I hope that one year later, many years later, we can still stand here, praying for the hardships we have experienced, and cheering for the little progress we have made-gathering together like a family.