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Vivicolor Organized A Fire Safety Drill

Oct 21.2020

In order to further strengthen the fire safety management of Jiaxing Vivicolor Printing Technology Co., Ltd. , enhance the awareness of fire safety among employees, and improve the ability of fire emergency treatment and emergency escape, On October 19, Vivicolor invited Ju’an Fire safety organization to carry out a fire safety drill.


The fire safety drill is divided into two parts: theory and practice.In the theoretical training,  the serious damage caused by the fire and how to take the right way to escape in the fire with practical cases were given a detailed introduction. In order to put the knowledge learned into practice and popularize the use of fire extinguishers among employees. After the theoretical training, a dry powder fire extinguisher drill was held in the open space in the northeast corner of the factory. Each department staff took turns to operate, skilled in the use of fire extinguishers.

This drill not only let us learn the knowledge of fire fighting, master the method of fire fighting, but also further enhance our safety awareness.