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Vivicolor Staff Fun Sports Meeting

Feb 07.2021

February in Zhapu was cold, damp and icy.  However, everyone with Vivicolor felt energetic to participate in the games and didn't feel the coldness. The most different thing about this fun sports meeting was that, you do not need to have any sports expertise, but focus on participation, healthy life, happy work. 


In this event, there were three activities: hand in hand through hula hoop game, pass cups with balloons game, tug-of-war competition. In spite of the cold weather, everyone was still in great interest.Tug-of-war project competition is extremely fierce, the players are in good spirits, teammates are encouraged with the game, the scene is very lively. The whole game was full of fun and challenge. The staff tracked the progress of the game and took pictures of all the wonderful moments 


We got physical exercise and relaxed in the relaxed and exciting atmosphere of the sports meeting.  At the same time, each event can not only exercise the ability of using hands and brains, but also exercise the spirit of unity and cooperation in work. It is not only the competition of intelligence and physical strength, but also the perfect competition of unity and cooperation.

And this activity is not only about physical competition, but also about luck.  Year-end lucky draw and games alternate, the company prepared a huge amount of red envelopes, the winning rate up to 100%, everyone has a share. Vivicolor family feel the warm atmosphere together, and look forward to the company in the New Year to a higher goal to soar. 


The fun games ended in the cheers, but the performance of the noble spirit of collectivism of athletes and staff will be a model for us to learn, we will take this games as a new starting point. We will continue adhering to the "open, sharing, interaction, value" belief, for the company, for colleagues, for customers to create our infinite beautiful tomorrow! We will boost the annual goals and tasks with a strong body, full of enthusiasm, high morale and hundredfold efforts to continue the brilliant 2021!